Morton Ploughshare mixer

Morton continuous ploughshare mixer with PTFE lining with 15 kw main drive and two choppers with  5.5 kw drives.
Manufacturer:            Morton
Model: KM300D2MZ
Capacity: 300 Litres
Material: Stainless steel with PTFE lining.
Outlet: Weir type
Inlets: Three product inlets
Main Drive: 15 KW
Chopper Drives: Two 5.5 KW with inverter drives from 580 to 2900 RPM
Year Built: September 2000
Serial Number: M24300
Manuals:                    Operation and instruction manuals available.

overall dimensions

3030 mm long

1200 mm wide

1000 mm high

Top rectangular inlet is 450 x 160 mm

The two flanged inlets are 175 mm each

The two hatches are 370 mm x 300 mm