2500 Litre

2500 litre Gross capacity stainless steel jacketed fermenters built by Vincent Johnson Brewing Design.

Vertical cylindrical polished stainless steel jacketed beer fermenting vessels standing on four stainless steel legs with adjustable height feet. 

The working capacity is believed to be 1960 litres or 12 barrels

The gross capacity brim full is approximately 2500 litres. 

The diameter is 1.36 m  The overall height to top of vessel with lid fitted is approximately 3 m. The overall height to the top of the vessel without lid fitted is approx 2.93 m.  

The vessels have a welded stainless steel dimple cooling jacket to the straight shell of the tank.  Each vessel has a stainless steel sample valve.

There is a polypropylene loose fitting lid with hinged section. 

Each vessel has a 2" outlet with male RJT fitting. 

Off the outlet is a 1.5" reducer to 1.5" pipework ending in a further 1" reducer to 1" stainless steel butterfly valve with RJT male connections.

Two available